What is Tie Dye?

Tie Dye is the decoration of fabric with dyes and resistance using various folding and tying methods and techniques. This allows for an infinite amount of creative expression. The range of which is represented in our many cultures and peoples throughout the world.

Here you will find step-by-step instructions for making your own tie dyed t-shirts. If you are just making one shirt, hosting a tie dye party, or contemplating getting in the business, these tie dye instructions will explain folding techniques and reveal tips sure to make your tie dye experience successful. Using similar techniques you can create your own tie dye sheets, pants, socks, and much more.

On this website (and at my Vermont workshops) I explain and teach a tie dye technique of "direct application" using laboratory wash bottles to directly apply fiber reactive dyes, also known as cold water process dyes. These dyes are by far the easiest and most color fast dyes available to the general public. Unlike most other dyes available, fiber reactive dyes will produce bright and intense colors that stay wash after wash.

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