What is a Galen Dye?

Hi, my name is Galen. I make tie dyes. Been doing it enough that many folks know my style. Enough my dad has been approached wearing his with an excited, Hey, that's a Galen dye!" In 1985 I saw the Grateful Dead in Richmond Virginia. When I got home my boss got my two weeks notice. I was twenty and on parole. It didn't matter.

Galen Dyes are available online ONLY by being part of our online tie dye giveaways (coming soon to this website.)

Galen Dyes are also available in person for cash (and trade) at these places:

Zenbarn's Wednesday Dead Night ~ Every Wednesday
If I'm not there it's still a great place to dance and eat!

Dead & Company Tour 2023
A list of shows I'll be attending coming soon!

Jerry Jam 2023
It was a tough call between Jerry Jam or San Fran Dead & Co shows. Jerry Jam won.

GPS locations of Galen's 1971 VW bus "Dirty Hairy" (Coming Soon)